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The Runway is Kai Tak’s most quintessential symbol, and it is conforming a hub for iconic landmarks, including the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, the upcoming Kai Tak Sports Park, and the under planning Metro Park. One Victoria is located at the Runway Precinct, where themes such as water features, urban oasis, culture, and water sports integrate into the cutting-edge design along the harbourfront. The harbourfront shopping avenue will set the scene for a wide variety of restaurants, retail, and diverse leisure facilities. To interlace the district, an approximately 11-kilometre waterfront promenade and 13-kilometre cycling path is there for you to savour an elegant seaside lifestyle.

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◆Kai Tak Sports Park (under construction)  Source:

Metro Park (under planning) Source: Planning Department-Kai Tak Planning Review -Revised Preliminary Outline Development Plan PODP Report (Eng).pdf

▽Waterfront Promenade (under construction) & Cycle Track (under construction) Source: Civil Engineering and Development Department - Kai Tak Development