Together with verdant garden landscape, Club Victoriaencompasses over 90,000 square feet, with over 30 diverse facilities across six recreational themes to offer opulent space of leisure.

Active Spaces
  • 50-Metre Outdoor Swimming Pool
  • 20-Metre Indoor Heated Swimming Pool
  • Kid’s Pool
  • Poolside Cabana
  • Sun Deck
  • Gym
  • Yoga & Dance Studio
  • Ping Pong Room
  • Sauna Room
  • Steam Room
Playhouse Spaces
  • Indoor Kid’s Playroom
  • Kid’s Go Kart Track
  • Kid’s Gym Room
  • Outdoor Playground
Creative Spaces
  • Workshop Space
  • Study Rooms
  • Reading Lounge
  • Internet Café
  • Leisure Lounge
Leisure Spaces
  • Grand Lounge
  • Poolside Lounge
  • Snooker Room
  • Games Room
  • Live Stream Room
  • Piano Practice Room
  • Piano Recital Hall
  • Band Room
Social Spaces
  • Grand Banquet Hall
  • Prime Banquet Hall
  • Leisure Hall
  • Private Party Room
Green Spaces
  • Oasis Lounge
  • Botanical Garden
  • Forest Path
  • Pastoral Jogging Trail
50-Metre Outdoor Swimming Pool*

◎Club Victoria is the name of the Clubhouse of the Development for promotional purpose and is for reference only. The names of various areas of the Clubhouse and its facilities will not appear in the preliminary agreement for sale and purchase, formal agreement for sale and purchase, assignment or other title deeds of the residential properties of the Development. The Clubhouse and recreational facilities (The Vendor reserves the right to amend or modify the design, specifications, features, plans, materials and usage of the Clubhouse and its facilities, parts or areas, subject to final approval by the relevant Government authorities.) may not be available for use at the time of handover of the residential properties in the Development. The use and operation of certain facilities and/or services may be subject to relevant legal provisions, land grant, the terms of the deed of mutual covenant and actual site conditions, and may be subject to additional charges.

♂For the area of the Clubhouse and communal gardens of the Development, please refer to the sales brochure for details. The Vendor reserves the right to alter the building plans and other plans of the Development from time to time, and the final approved plans by the relevant Government departments shall prevail.

* The photograph is taken during 16th to 18th August 2022 at the development. It has been processed with computerized imaging techniques and is for reference only.

#All of the above are rendering of the clubhouse facilities, which have been synthesized and edited with computerized imaging techniques. They are not pictures taken in the Development or made to scale, nor do they reflect the actual condition, appearance of or views from the Development. The facilities, design, layout, compartments, specifications, constructions, locations, installations, decoration materials, equipment, fixtures, furniture, furnishings, lighting, ornaments, gardening, gardens, colors and other objects as well as the outdoor views or conditions of the vicinity shown in the renderings may not appear in Development after completion or its vicinity. They are just the artist's imagination of the relevant Development and are for reference only. Prospective purchasers should not rely on these rendering for any use or purpose. They do not constitute or shall not be construed as an offer, representation, promise or guarantee, whether express or implied, by the Vendor regarding the Development or any part thereof or the surrounding environment and facilities.